Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua (:

First of all SELAMAT MENYAMBUT MAULIDURASUL for all muslim,and today are my bestie's befday as well Nur Shuhada Hasni a.k.a Arda. Happy befday babe,may Allah bless u and as i said before tolong sedar diri yg u da tua . ermm,and really hope that u'll like my small present okay! *im wondering ur hubby kasi ap eeh ? nvm i'll ask u tomorrow.

okayy guys,tomorrow our school will have sukantara and as past year i'll be the volunteer and automatically i'll escape myself to running2 like a snail in the track and say goodbye to my competitors.*what a relief ! i never say this Im grateful to be in PBSM. :] but only two of us -me and yun can save the macho's boy . pity arda cant join us. dun worry babe we'll support you .

let be in serious mood -__- ~ examination will attack us on 28 feb i guess,so its better for me not to online and prepared with all the m-16,shortgun etc.*only if i could . so please guys,pray for my success bcoz this year are super duper important year for me. Thanks reading ! peace out guys- see u later .

with love
Sherra Trump

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