Friday, October 7, 2011

Life Is Too Short ...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t korangg :)

quite long kan ak ta update blog -tak sedar dri nak exam :/ *ce tengok ce tengok header baru tu weyyh comel tak ? act bukan ak buat tp ak amek free free from APIT
hehe .Before study kekonon nak exercise jemari la skit since otak ak na kne perah satgi . *blablabla abaikan kata alu-aluan yg merapu ni . Past few weeks agak tough kot ntok ak - ak da pemes weyy skrang - as excellent student ? as Tokoh Nilam ? takan as Olahragawati kot? NOPE..NOPE..and NOPE ! But as...... jeng--jeng-jeng ***************
#secretodeamor HAHA

KFine , lupekan cite tak penting tu . and for now I think Im eagerly need to find the best medicine that can treat my superduper lazy habit ! lazy as the Lazy Song . Sebak weyy na susun ayt omputis ni . tukaa channel balek . hoho - okayy its better for me to type in malay . olryte , sambung cite . Hypothesis that i can made for myself is : The shorter the time for me to revise , the lazy-er i could be ! Actually these are still included in the phase kata alu-aluan . the main story is................

HERE ! chillah k ? ak na lepas gian menaip je . okay semalam had a talk with Mr K . Tetibe beliau cite sal farewell - tak kiralah kanak-kanak riang, teens , and even warga gangsa skali pun suke benci dgr farewell farewell ni kan ? ye ke takk ni weyy ? haaahh angguk angguk cenggitu lah :) Sedar tak sedar , pejam celik pejam celik almost 2 years we've been together kan kwnkwn sekalian ? Afta SPM mesti susa nak jumpe - ibarat kata Mr K kalau jumpe pn ta same rase dia kalau kite jumpe kat skolah *touch . Yes, everything are awesome in this two years, we laugh , we cry , we study , we fight , we make our class unkept , we snap picture , we do everything together ! Guys , u know what ? I Adore All of you deeply ! After SPM , there's no more Musfirah that will bring food for us , no more Akim that make the class boisterous , no more 5 ALB starting from that farewell day and onwards .

This would be the sweetest memories that i ever had ! thanx friends coz make my life full of rainbow - i will not forget all weirdo(s) that i love much . will you forgive me for my insolent mannerism ? ==' Thats all that i wanna share with you peeps .

P/s : Im not Minah Saleh so my Saleh are not too good . :)

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